Walking through, exploring, you discover little things that weren’t there before… A garden holds the magic to delight and surprise you.

Garden Design

I will help you create and design your personal wonderful garden, from concept to realization.

I am Diederik, a garden designer with a passion for plants. Driven by creativity, my joy of storytelling through horticulture and my love of nature.

Garden Maintenance

I can help you define and guide the right maintenance for your garden.

Top level maintenance means not only a deep understanding of plants and how the work needs to be done but also a keen eye for design plus a clear vision for future growth and development of the garden.


I am with you all the way, or in just a single step. You choose.
We can go from the initial exploring possibilities and opening up your ideas about the garden to the final design and the implementation.

But that’s not where it stops. Careful maintenance is equally important to let the garden age properly and reveal the subtlety that was intended in the design. It is my role to support you in managing and guiding the maintenance for you, either working with the gardeners in my team or with your existing gardener.


The Rose and the Dragon is my company. I work in collaboration with well established landscaping companies, their garden maintenance teams and individual gardeners. For involving design projects I work with local landscape architects. We cover the area between Cannes and Monaco.