Garden Design:

Let’s bring your garden dreams to life. My collaborative process is designed to shape your vision into a reality with a blend of expertise and creativity.

A typical process follows these steps:

1. Requirements & Vision: I start by understanding your needs and aspirations.

2. Concept to Detail: From your input, I create a conceptual design, then transform it into a detailed plan.

3. Materials & Contractors: I help you choose materials and select the right contractor.

4. Design Implementation: I oversee the entire process for impeccable results.

5. Planting & Aftercare: with your input I create a planting plan, source plants, and provide comprehensive aftercare.

6. Maintenance Planning: together we set up a customized maintenance plan to keep your garden thriving.

For complex design projects, I collaborate with experienced local landscape architects and trusted landscaping companies.

Together with you we define what is needed, whether it’s a single phase or a complete garden transformation.

Garden Consult Service:


1. Garden Consultation

Not ready for a full project yet? Let me provide expert advice. I will visit your garden, analyze it, and offer valuable tips to set you on the right path.


2. Guidance in Garden Maintenance

I collaborate closely with maintenance experts to ensure your garden’s health. Our holistic approach covers both technical and aesthetic aspects. We plan short-term and long-term care, make informed decisions, and maintain a comprehensive schedule. From plant selection to creating borders, we’re here to make your garden thrive.